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SIP Happy Hourpeace love and 6 feetsip happy hour is here to help local wineries, breweries, cider houses, distilleries, local musicians, bartenders and any ancillary business closed or effected by coronavirus. We are here for people who like beer, wine, alcohol, cider, good music, great education and screaming deals…then sip happy hour is for you!. It’s is a new way to socialize safely while being entertained in the comfort of your own, safe, virus-free home!. Share this with all of your friends so you can stay social with them and others! First show to be announced soon! If you know anybody in the wine, beer, cider, distillery, music or bartender industry in the Traverse City area that is entertaining…please have them request a date! Gratuities will be shared with each week’s guest. Designated Driver TC is launching SIP Happy Hour (shelter in place) and we are officially inviting you to be our guest! People are home and on their computers right now. This is designed to give local businesses in the wine/brew and distillery industry a captive audience to entertain, educate and do business with online during this uncertain time. It’s time to SIP, learn, laugh and be safe! Join local Traverse City crafts via SIP each week to see what we have to offer from our local craft beverage industry. Come join us, tell all of your friends and tune in daily to help overcome boredom during our new normal Tune in, sit back, laugh, share, support and enjoy. SIP is here for you during these trying times to help keep the faith and laughter in our hearts! Fun, family, new family, knowledge and a whole new way of doing this…that’s what it’s all about right now so, tune in and enjoy your time watching. See you on Zoom soon for the first ever Designated Driver Happy Hour